History Of The Brooklyn War Service Medal

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The common council of the city of Brooklyn, having appropriated ten thousand dollars for the purpose of conferring upon the surviving veterans of the war, some token in recognition of their services to the country, a bronze medal was decided upon, and Thursday, October 25th, was the day appointed for the presentation. The presentation was preceded by a parade, and followed by a banquet. About half-past 11 o'clock the Governor, the City Authorities and the Volunteers were escorted to Fort Greene. In addition to various regiments, also in attendance were Admirals Farragut and Bell. Colonel Fowler (of the 14th Regiment) was also acting as special escort of honor to the veterans.

For the grand parade, the streets were lined with spectators, flags ornamented many of the residences, and from the windows, which were crowned with ladies, thousands of handkerchiefs waved.

After several speeches by the Governor and Mayor of Brooklyn, Ex-Major Wood (the original war Colonel of the 14th Brooklyn) then came forward and responded in behalf of the veterans. Upon the conclusion of Mayor Wood's remarks, Mayor Booth again came forward holding a little casket in his hands, with Admiral Farragut standing beside him, announced that in ordering the bronze medals for the soldiers and sailors, they had thought it highly proper to strike off two in gold for the purpose of tendering their acceptance to the great representative leaders of the loyal men of Kings County, as well as of the state - Grant and Farragut. He then presented to the Admiral a gold medal, of the same pattern as the others, which action was received by the assemblage with deafening applause. The Admiral returned his thanks in a few words and retired.

The distribution of the medals then took place, the Mayor entrusting to requisite numbers for each detachment of Veteran Organization to the senior officer of each command, entitled thereto. The distribution was made in accordance with the order of the regiments. On receipt of their medals they partook of a substantial repast which was provided at the expense of the city, and to which ample justice was done.

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Webmaster's Note: My sincere thanks to Captain Frank Ruiz, Sr. of Company "E", 14th Reg't., NYSM for his gracious permission to use this information from his website.