Company C 14th Regiment

14th Brooklyn Chasseurs


The Society for the Historical Preservation of the Fourteenth Brooklyn (84th New York Infantry) Incorporated

We are the original reactivated 14th Brooklyn organization!
We were formed August 14th, 1976

incorporated January 18th, 1978
and are in our FORTY THIRD YEAR of field operations!

   UNIT HISTORY:           PAGE 2   A brief history from founding to today.

   UNIFORM INFO:          PAGE 3    Textual information on original 14th NYSM uniform pieces.

   AUTHENTICITY:          PAGE 4  A study of some main points in the 14th impression.

   AUTHENTICITY #2:     PAGE 5  More points in the 14th impression.

   PHOTO GALLERY:        PAGE 6   An assortment of images supplied by Co. C members.

   BULLETIN BOARD:      PAGE 7   Various announcement of general interest.

   HOW TO JOIN:            PAGE 8   Points of contact for information in joining.

   FAVORITE LINKS:       PAGE 9   A variety of unit, service and reference links.

   SERVICE MEDAL:         B.W.S.M.    A brief history (with photos) of Brooklyn's Civil War Service Medal.

   UNIFORM SOURCES:     This page is under construction. We are currently reviewing a number of possible sources at this time.

The Society for the Historical Preservation of the Fourteenth Brooklyn (84th New York Infantry) is a non-profit, educational and historical corporation of the State of New Jersey. We have been granted tax exempt status by the United States government. Membership is not restricted to the State of New Jersey as we have organizational members internationally. As the name implies we are a society with two active branches. These are a historical society and an active, uniformed reenactment organization. First is:

The Society For The Historical Preservation . . .

This is the command and control element of our organization which maintains our Board of Directors and Trustees. The Society is a functioning historical society and is involved in aiding and assisting in the preservation of not only surviving physical relics of the 14th Regiment, New York State Militia, but textual and photographic information as well.

Society members include lineal descendents of Civil War era 14th Brooklyn soldiers, active and retired members from the many military commands with lineage to the original 14th plus students, scholars, professional and amateur historians as well as members of the general public with an interest in the 14th Regiment New York State Militia Infantry.

We are very pleased to have had direct membership participation in the reprint of our regimental history. Society members supplied many of the new and unpublished images of 14th Regiment NYSM soldiers for the new photographic section of this reprint.

Company C, 14th New York State Militia Infantry

Company C is our society's uniformed reenactment organization. It is comprised of many members of the society as well as individuals solely interested in reenacting. Since Company C maintains an active Civil War reenactment schedule in this area of the country, the greatest percentage of the company members are from the Eastern states.

Company C prides itself on the accuracy of it's reproduction uniforms! Our uniform standards are CAMPAIGNER GRADE / MUSEUM GRADE ONLY and thus homemade or sutler row purchased 14th Brooklyn uniforms will work in our company. Please go to PAGE THREE for specifics and in-depth information on our uniforms and equipment.

Company C collaborates with all reactivated 14th Brooklyn organizations but is most proud to note that we are the FIRST and ORIGINAL reactivated 14th New York State Militia organization. We are still going strong with forty three years of successful reenactment and living history programs to our credit! We must be doing something right!

If you wish to participate with this VETERAN company, go to PAGE EIGHT for information on joining the . . .

"Red Legged Devils From Brooklyn"


To participate with Company "C" members must posses:

l A desire to render a premier representation of the 14th regiment.
l A desire to be historically accurate in uniform and equipment.
l A desire to uphold the traditions of the original "14th Brooklyn".

Company C has been solidly built on these foundations for 43 years!

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