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Greetings Red Leg!

Thanks for stopping by. This page is undergoing an updating so in the meantime please check with your unit command authority for uniform and equipment sourcing for this impression.

Meantime, if you have any questions just call me at 315-343-1557 or e-mail me and I would be happy to answer them. If you're looking for trouser info follow this link - TROUSERS:

As for jackets, we do not have a maker for a high end authentic tunic at the moment. With that we strongly recommend that new members get a good quality four button sack coat and use that until a highly accurate tunic becomes available. Meantime, if you're really anxious to get a 14th Brooklyn tunic one can be obtained from the Gettysburg Sutler (Ron Palese). Sorry, I do not have his contact info at the moment. These are not super accurate tunics but if you gotta have one and don't mind spending the money for such, give it a try.

For CAPS try Dirty Billy's Hats in Gettysburg.


Stony Brook Company
Member - Company C, 14th NYSM (although I just fly a desk anymore :-)
Honorary Member - Company E, 14th NYSM (where I just harass Frank Sr. LOL!! :-D )


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